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de.<iring to tufxr the fort is hi* friend or relation and that lie is
ready to Mirier from the consequences of any crime which the
f »ruajr :/.ay Commit. Then alter affixing one seal upon
another -V . thiry ?end him into tae fort. On shoeing the seal,
tile people '-.v;;o are inside', admit him into the interior. One is
permitted to mov j about the city, on producing the seal before
ill*.- talari known as the kot^riL Whe:i after the days of sojourn
in the fort, a person desires to reniru to his conniiy, he has to
jr'ive notice of his intention to the first parupat*/ayara, and get
liis *eal (affixed to the permit which he carries with him).
This permit must be shown (at first) to the talari called kotwal
and then to the sentries that mount guard at the gate of the
fort. The visitor is then allowed to go out.

pp. 54-55*

(We at last reached) the courtyard (of the palace) having
surmounted such difficulties (as mentioned already).   (Several
kinds of) punishment arc- daily iu'iicted (upon people)in front of
the palace ; men are cut into two either (with a sword) or a
saw 5 th ey are tied up in a sack and beaten with an iron club ;
bow-strings are inserted into their ear (lobes?) ; they are made
to sit astride on ruined walls with a stone two iulas in weight
fastened  to each leg; and they are tied into a bundle and are
rolled (on the ground) in the sun ; besides the unamyagars of the
rilmas, are tortured in various ways ; they are tied to the feet of
the elephants and are dragged (on the ground).   If (the ma&iya-
tjars) being terrified at the sight of these horrible tortures pay
the money,   they  are   left   alive ;    if,   on   the   other   hand,
they find it inconvenient to pay, they are tortured to death in
the middle of the street itself.
(Having seen these tortures, we passed on to the
government offices which are built in front of the palace).*
From that place, the people of all the offices salute the First
*The language of tlie original is very corrupt ; and its meaning is not quite
irte31:giHe. Tlie sentence enclosed in the brackets may be taken to be the general
drift uf tilt j; A-,: age.